5 Nov

Left Over Wedding Supplies

AirwavesWeddingCleanupAfter all is said and done, whats left is a monumental mess. The one part of the wedding that maybe crossed your mind, but you preferred to block out. Regardless something has to be done with all those left over centre pieces, flowers (real or fake) and what ever else the venue didn’t supply you with that came out of your pocket. Being smart about what you buy in the first place can go a long way. A few tips to help your post wedding clean up woes can include….

When purchasing a planning your centre pieces, buy items that can be used in your household afterwords. Of course you can offer these creative art pieces to members of your family and friends that attend, but being practical with purchases can pay off. Buying vases can be used at home for your own decor or washed and used in the fridge. Decorative rocks can all be poured into a pot and have a plant put in the midst of them. Tea lights can be used as candle light dinner candles and of course, if all else fails, these items can always be sold or given away.

Drying flowers can be used as house hold decor. Not only can you be creative with them and make a beautiful bouquet, but they can double over as a reminder of your big day.

Using pictures as centrepieces can go a long way too. Buying all the same frame can be used post wedding for a big and fun design collage on the wall in your house, with new pictures of your wedding day.

Being thrifty doesn’t mean being cheap. With some forward thinking and an open mind, you can take all that left over “stuff” and make it into something practical, useful and of course, memorable, in your household.