Not many stores hire DJs but the ones who do are in on the secret. Live In-Store DJs have been proven to increase the time customers spend in-store and also a significant increase in sales. We have worked with many leading brands and have the case studies and reference letters to prove it! From casinos to clothing stores to new business launches, at the very least a DJ will intrigue people into checking out the exciting, different atmosphere you have created. More likely though, the customer won’t just check out your store, they will develop an emotional connection to you and your brand as a member of their subculture based on the music our DJs play. We work hard to choose DJs who suit your brand’s message and the style and demographic of your target customers. We also make sure they are interactive, friendly and approachable. We aren’t the DJ off in the corner spinning tunes, we are an extension of your sales staff but instead of selling or providing customer service, we act as your unofficial brand ambassador. Think of us as your passport into gaining the trust of your target demographic.
We have seen time and time again the the DJ is able to do this by acting as a neutral third party who’s primary goal is to connect with your customers through music at a personal level. Once that connection has been made, it is easy for your customers to make a subconscious connection to your brand on the same level. After all, you were cool enough to hire the DJ, you must be a cool company! We can’t help but agree and hope you will give some serious thought on the power of music to connect people to each other and your company. After all, music has been part of tribal living since the dawn of mankind and it’s ability to build communities through shared experience is second to none. Our DJs are more than music, they are a shared cultural experience and mediator between the public and your brand. Let’s work together to create a culture of buyers that know what your brand message really is, and watch your sales numbers spike!