Airwaves Music is Canada’s largest DJ company and has a roster of over 300 DJs in 15 cities. We’re also no stranger to festivals and large-scale events. We’ve provided DJs for concerts of up to 15,000 people and our team members resume’s are even more impressive. Take Jesus Parlange for example, an Airwaves team member who DJ’ed an event with over 100,000 people at it in Mexico City and then went on to become a Juno Award winning music producer. Or DJ Hedspin, who just 3 years ago, won the Redbull Threestyle world DJ championship. Many of our DJs have opened for celebrity artists during festivals, private parties and many other events all over the world.
We also recognize the importance of finding a DJ who is “on-brand” with the image your festival is working hard to portray. At festivals, marathons and concerts, our DJs job is to create an atmosphere to build excitement for the main attraction and we work hard with your staff to ensure we meet the expectations of you and your fans. We do this by going over the music, vibe and timeline with your team well in advance but more importantly, by finding a DJ who has already DJ’ed an event similar to yours with fantastic results. We have already been trusted by major brands like Tough Mudder, Virgin, Telus and many more. We believe in the power of music to connect people to each other and we would love to send our best and brightest DJs out to your upcoming festival to do just that.