Equipment Rentals

Airwaves Music offers a wide ranges of options for wedding couples, no matter what their budget is. Ideally, we feel that you definitely want a DJ to set the mood for your wedding. Simply renting a sound and light system will not give you the same desirable outcome as hiring a DJ who can interact with your guests and read the dance floor. However, we recognize that some couples are on a budget and equipment rentals are the only affordable option. As such, we’ve developed a rental package that includes everything you need at one affordable price. We also have a large number of additional items you can rent such as extra wireless microphones, ceremony sound systems and microphones, bass bins, lasers, extra lights and yes, more speakers to make everything louder than everything else. Generally though, a basic package will cover everything you need for about 80-100 guests. From there, you might want to rent at least 1 bass bin if you have 100-120 guests. After that you will need extra speakers and lights to accommodate a larger dance floor and more people dancing.

If you are going to rent equipment, we highly advise you check the budget one more time to make absolutely certain that a DJ is out of the question. As a DJ company, we really believe in what we do and we don’t just play the music. Our job is to connect people with each other through music and shared experiences. We act as a facilitator who’s job is to observe your guests and cater to their spoken and unspoken signals to ensure that we play the right music at the right time to get your desired outcome. If you aren’t able to hire a DJ, we highly recommend at least pre-programming the music ahead of time with some of your favourite songs and planning some announcements to ensure that guests know when it is time to dance. Consider having your MC offer to play requests directly from your iPhone or iPad as well. There will be a very different effect than having a DJ, but we are happy to help you with rentals and will do our very best to make the process of renting and planning your own music as smooth as possible.