Do you want to take your wedding business to the next level?
One of our core values at Airwaves Music is to “Help The People Around Us To Become Better”. We are constantly striving to improve our training, systems and processes to raise our company to be among the best DJ Businesses in the world. Our continued desire and thirst for learning has given us the edge on our competitors and we have an extensive roster of mentors, subcontractors and joint venture partners that make it possible for us to do a better job than anyone else.
We believe knowledge is power and to pay it forward, we offer consulting to other DJ and musician companies as well as other wedding business owners to help them grow their businesses to the next level. To maintain a high level of quality, we only work with a select group of businesses each year. We also never work with competing businesses in the same geographic area to avoid conflicts of interest.
We offer one on one consulting sessions 3 times per year. The sessions cover the following:

  • Business Strategy
  • Scaling Your Business
  • PR for your Wedding Business
  • Marketing (Online and Traditional)
  • Financial Management
  • Subcontractor Training and Team Building

To get a quote on our consulting services or for more information, please email us at