29 Nov

DJ Alec

Alec is the fun, and friendly DJ you can count on for awesome music at your event. Alec also known as DJ Aerodynamix specializes in Weddings, Corporate Events, School Dances, and Private Events. Alec was raised in Kelowna and developed... View Article

18 Jul

DJ Amanda

British-born musician Amanda Cawley offers a wide variety of music, tailored in a perfect package to suit your needs. She’ll deliver any song you may request from any time period or genre with seamless flow. Amanda has dedicated her whole life to music, from... View Article

18 Jul

DJ Jared

DJ Jared Waldroff has been producing music and DJing across western Canada for six years as of 2018. In that time he has created his own events, been signed to Blue Label Records, become a professional wedding DJ and performed at countless venues in... View Article

18 Jul

DJ Pat

DJ Pat Galley is a born and raised Okanagan boy and family man who fell in love with electronic music and DJing after he attended his first underground dance party in the 90s. Patrick hasn’t gone more than a few... View Article