The Sisterhood of Survivors, Nepal

What is the Sisterhood of Survivors?

Each year in Nepal, over 7000 women and girls are trafficked out of the country to India, where they are sold into slavery. These include work as slave labourers as well as the sex trade. The Sisterhood of Survivors is a non-profit organization that helps survivors of the sex trade to regain their independence and rebuild their self-esteem. The Sisterhood of Survivors provides women with education, training and internships to guarantee future employment and a stable income so that they can reduce the risk that they will be re-trafficked. In just one year alone from 2012-2013, the organization has helped over 190 women who have then gone on to work as paralegals. In their newfound careers these women have gone on to rescue another 211 girls. In Canada we have conquered so many enormous, impossibly huge challenges and in Nepal they haven't caught up with us yet. Given that we are in such a fortunate position, we at Airwaves feel that we should do something to help.

Why did we choose this cause?

A big passion of ours at Airwaves is travel. By working seasonally in the summer and winter during weddings and corporate parties, it gives many of our team members the freedom to travel and see the world. Recently, on a trip to India and Nepal with G Adventure Tours, our company Director, Bob Graham visited the Sisterhood of Survivors facility in Pokhara, Nepal. He expected to meet a group of adult women, and yet in truth the majority of girls whom the society is helping were between 10 and 17. When he had a chance to actually meet these women in person, Bob decided he had to do something. Our buying power in Nepal is so great that even a few dollars makes a drastic difference. The country lacks many basic necessities (such as mops in hospitals) which can easily be purchased for just a few dollars. When he saw that these girls desparately needed help and that the help itself was in reach, he knew he had to do something for them.

What do we contribute?

Airwaves contributes $1 from every gig we book to the Sisterhood of Survivors. While this may seem like a small amount in Canada, a home can built and purchased outright in Nepal for $12,000 CAD or a meal for $1CAD. Each year we DJ hundreds of gigs and these little amounts add up to big changes for these people. As well, only one other company is currently supporting them. We feel they need all the help they can get so we hope you will join us in an effort to help these women to empower themselves.

How can you help?

Just by booking Airwaves you can feel good about contributing to this cause. For every event we book, Airwaves will donate $1 to the charity. We encourage all of our customers to match our donation. At $10 at a time, we will be making a major difference to this organization. We also encourage anyone visiting Kathmandu or Pokhara in Nepal to personally visit the organization. The girls offer an authentic Nepalese cooking class by donation and also sell handmade arts and crafts.

Helping People At Home

Fundraising to Fight Cancer

Why Did We Choose Cancer As Our Cause?

In 2012, Bob Graham, the Founder and Director at Airwaves was diagnosed with cancer.

"I remember going for a drive and sitting in my car and thinking about my life. I had been working so hard and dreaming of so many adventures I still wanted to have. I had just met the girl of my dreams and we'd fallen in love. Now I had to face the fact that I might be dying and all of that would just disappear much sooner than I ever expected. I put my head in my hands all alone in my car and just broke down. Then I pulled myself together and decided to fight it with all my strength. I wanted to be the most positive person with cancer I've ever met."

Luckily, over the next 3 years Bob was given a clean bill of health. But the scare stuck with him and he wanted to do something that would be a step in the right direction to help end that kind of pain and suffering for others.

How We Chose To Do It:

How would any DJ company choose to raise money? With a party of course! In 2013 we met with the Westin Grand Hotel on Robson Street in Vancouver and arranged to host a Christmas Cancer Fundraiser. They would donate the money from the tickets to the Canadian Cancer Society. Airwaves also offered to donate 100% of the proceeds from 100 of their bookings to fight cancer.

The event was a huge success, gaining support from mega-sponsor Weddingful and also Westin Hotels. In all, the fundraiser met its target and they raised thousands of dollars for the Cancer Society. Since that time, Airwaves has been involved with similar events in Kelowna and Victoria as well as Vancouver.

Airwaves is currently planning their next industry fundraiser in Kelowna, BC. To get involved, contact us.

Other Things We're Passionate About:

We believe in the power of small business to change the world. Although some might consider it a cliche' we really do believe that even a small gesture can make a big impact. For many years Airwaves has helped mentor new businesses and many of these were often brand new entrepreneurs with just an idea. We've seen them go on to deliver value for their customers while creating jobs locally in their communities and that's something we are immensely proud of.

At the core of everything charitable thing we do, we believe that empowering people to help others like them is one of the most scalable ways to make a difference.If you think you have a cause that you think we might be interested in, please don't hesitate to get in touch.