25 Nov

Wedding Map, Helpful And Fun – Airwaves Music Calgary –

Airwaves Music Calgary – By now most people have smart phones
. iPhones, Androids, a few even with blackberries yet. We’ve all learned how to navigate google maps by now on them and have learned how easy it can be to where ever it is you’re going. For a Wedding or event though, you can save your guests from embracing technology and going a little more “old school” with a personalized map.

Sent out with the wedding invitation, maps can be a fun a quirky way to tell guests the location. Especially if you’re into arts and crafts. These maps can be made up online (just google it) and shipped out from there quite efficiently. Plus you can add fun facts, tips and other pieces of information on them that may not necessarily pertain to your wedding or event. Its a fun way to make the wedding and its planning process a little more personal.

Wedding maps are almost completely necessary if you have a destination wedding. This can apply to destinations with in your country too if your wedding is more then an hour away. Having routes and alternative routes can really play to the guests advantage, especially the more elderly ones, because they typically haven’t and have no interest in embracing technology.

You can add photos and all kinds of craft supplies to the event map to really give it a personal feel. This can prove especially true if you’re having a themed wedding. It gives another dimension to the theme and helps inform the guests as to what they are about to experience. Be creative with it, you should receive a warm response to them. Have fun with them and give your guests an added aspect from your wedding to remember and talk about for a long while to come.