22 Nov

The Wedding Ring – Airwaves Music Calgary –

AirwavesWeddingDJRingThe wedding ring is a physical object of you and your partners love. A lot of thought should go into what ring you choose for your partner. It is something that can and should be turned into a family Heirloom should you get it right.

A great way to personalize the ring is the get an engravement made on the inside band of the ring. This gives it a real connecting feel and can really make or break the ring. Find or come up with a quote that pertains to the two of you, or the standard initials can work just as well!

They say a diamond is a girls best friend, lets hope thats not the case in this scenario. However, when looking for a diamond ring, it boils down to the 3 C’s.

Clarity – your ideal diamond will have zero inclusions

Color – the lower the amount of color, the more expensive, clear and precious

Cut – the way and shape the diamond is cut

Carat – the weight of the diamond

These are basic terms when looking at diamonds. They say that a man should spend 3 months salary on a wedding ring, how ever, i’ve learned that it was the jewelry stores that came up with that, so its really what is in your budget. Remember that the amount of love you have for your partner isn’t measured by the size of the ring. The ring is merely a token symbol of your love. It is common for jewelry store employees to try to do exactly that and tie the two together. Don’t go for it. When all is said and done, make a budget, stick to it, and go with your gut. You know your partner better then anyone else. Go with the rock you think suits her the best! Happy Shopping!