9 Dec

The Beer Advent Calendar – Airwaves Music Calgary –

AirwavesWeddingDj_AdventA lot of us at children, and a lot of us with children remember the days of December when you would wake up eager to start your day with a piece of chocolate out of  a cardboard calendar. It was a part of our childhood, for the most part. Those of you that find yourself still doing it, now have an adult alternative. Aimed towards the beer drinkers in the family, you can now obtain a beer advent calendar, and keep that tradition alive.

Though they are new to my knowledge, and can be difficult to find, they’re a great early gift ideas. They can be found mostly at private liquor stores (for those living in BC) and the ones i have seen, offer a North American and International alternative.

They are exactly what they sound like. 25 beers for 25 days. Not ideal for those on a christmas diet, but a great idea none the less. Who doesn’t like edible delivery gifts for men? The North American version offers a beer from an array of major cities in North America, and yes, you guessed it, the International offers an assortment of beers from foreign destinations like London, Ireland and Russia to name a few.

All though the christmas season is well under way, and they can be difficult and in a sense, pointless to start 2 weeks into the season, its a great idea for that beer lover in your family for the next holiday season. A lot of liquor stores that carry them, are finding an incredible amount of demand and are actually taking pre orders for next year. Obviously they are not the cheapest advent calendar available, especially when you compare them to a 3 dollar advent calendar from wal-mart, but they are an incredibly unique and great idea. To those receiving them, just make sure they aren’t planning a Christmas diet!