28 Nov

Leave Your Ex’s Out Of It – Airwaves Calgary –

AirwavesWeddingDJExBringing your ex to your wedding is a huge no-no. Plain and simple. Unless you have a fantastic reason other then “we’re still friends” to do so, this should be avoided. Theirs a reason you’re not together no matter whose idea it was to break it off. You’re with someone new for a reason. Theirs no point in creating drama, especially on your big day, no matter how small the chances are. If you have more then a moments pause about inviting them or not, then that made your answer for you with a resounding no. Some other points to reinforce the no are:

If you guys had a messy breakup. Thats a big one and like i said, you want to avoid drama at all costs. You never know what a few glasses of wine will do.

If one of you still has feelings for the other. Thats a crisis in itself.

If you’re only inviting them so they can see how happy you are, you’re in the wrong.

Your fiancĂ©e doesn’t want them at the wedding, and it will only make family members uncomfortable.

The only exception to this thought process is if you share children together. As this can be very impactful on the children, but thats a whole other topic. That aside, its best to cut ties with ex’s because if you broke up once before, theirs a high chance it will just happen again. The wedding day is the start of a clean slate for your relationship with your new found husband or wife, and nothing should take that away from you. Use it to its full potential and start out on the right foot. No matter what the thoughts on any situation though, be sure to discuss them with your partner and make sure you’re on the same page.