10 Dec

Christmas Ideas For The Woman In Your Life

AirwavesMusic_FragrancesChristmas is fast approaching. Which means its the season of giving yes, but its also the season of procrastination. Although every one is guilty of doing this…. some more so then others…. this is a friendly reminder to get on it now! Christmas is notorious for sneaking up on you (frankly, I cant believe its a measly two weeks away…) and that means beat the rush! The crowds are already getting out of hand, so why wait? Now the next question is, what do I buy for everyone? Lets hone in on the women in your life:

Fragrances. Yes, they’re cliche I know. Stores that are well known for selling fragrances (Shoppers Drug Mart, I think The Bay carries these too now) have a great new idea. You can purchase a set of 10 or so testers that come in a beautifully laid out box. The box also contains a voucher to go and get any one of those fragrances in its full bottle size. That way, she can try all ten over the span of the next week or two, then go give her voucher up for the bottle, with no added expense! These are available for men too. Quite ingenious if you ask me!

Another great option is a communal get away. Sounds expensive right? Wrong. In the month of December, you can find trips to foreign destinations for dirt cheap through not only Expedia and sites of that nature, but even Air Canada and Westjet offer them. If she is able to pack up and leave on a moments notice, flights on boxing day and christmas day themselves can be found incredibly cheap and without the crazy airport waits.

If all else fails, go to a jewelry store. Girls love diamonds. Girls will be happy to receive diamonds.