13 Nov

Cash Bars – Airwaves Music Calgary –

AirwavesWeddingMusicLiquorCash bars are typically frowned upon. I will just come right out and say it. IT can be an added cost that should be accounted for. However, having all the options of a Las Vegas high rollers club isn’t necessary in Calgary, or wherever your big day is being held. A good way to go about doing it is selection.

You wouldn’t ask friends and family to shell out cash for drinks they’re consuming at your household, especially after you invited them over. The same mentality should apply to a wedding. A specific way to avoid this is to offer complementary drinks that are on the couples expense, and top shelf liquor at the customers expense. Having a selection of cocktails, a red and a white wine, and a couple beers is a way to keep everyone happy. Cover your liquor range. Remember that splurging on Grey Goose and some of the top level brands isn’t necessary. Having them available at the customers expense is a good option though. Selecting standard Smirnoff will keep vodka drinkers happy but if they feel the need to upgrade its on their dime, not yours.

Having a bar that has complimentary options can really add to your wedding night. Getting a couple drinks to loosen up the dancers and speech givers can go a long way to lightening the mood and keeping things fun. Plus the odds of keeping your guests around that extra hour to spark the dance floor increases, if they feel they aren’t breaking the bank. Im not saying that a cash bar is off limits, it just helps with the wedding reviews once your big night if over and remembered. If an open bar isn’t in your budget, finding a happy medium with a limited bar can patch the gap. Either way, let the spirits flow and enjoy the night ahead of you!