31 Oct

Calgary Weddings: Picking An Exotic Location

AirwavesHawaiiJumping onto an airplane and hitting an exotic location is a dream a lot of couples have. What are a couple pros and cons to doing so?

One pro to having a wedding in a foreign location is keeping the wedding size small. You don’t really realize how many people you can and in some cases, feel obligated to, invite to your wedding. Having it in a location that requires location with allow for a smaller wedding size as people often want to make the trip but can’t for what ever reason.

Another pro is an obvious one… You’re in a beautiful, often tropical or european spot. If you’ve decided to travel to tie the knot, its clearly going to be of the gorgeous variety.

A glaring negative, that is inevitable, is the amount of planning and organization it take. The task of getting immediate family and close friends to accompany you can be an incredibly overwhelming task. Convincing others to take time out of their busy lives can be a task in its own. More often then not, a trip across the pond, or to where even in the world your ideal location is, requires a planner. A wedding planner for a foreign location is more often then not a must. With overwhelming amounts of extra organization and planning necessary, this can go an incredibly long way to ensure your perfect day is exactly that, a perfect day.