Wedding Venues & Wedding Reception


How much of your wedding budget should the venue be?

Calgary is full of wedding venues, not to mention any city for that matter. But for the budget bride who has costs piling up, how can you save money on a wedding reception. Every little bit counts and saving on one aspect usually means a new budget window opens for another aspect. When scouring the city for a reception venue, a few things to keep in mind are as follows:

How do you budget for a 10000 wedding?

  1. Choose an out of season wedding

A lot of venues know what seasons bring demand. It’s just the basic law of supply and demand. In order to attract more clients in the off season you need to lower costs and give them a reason to come.

  1. Stay away from Saturdays

This one ties into number one. Rates will typically fluctuate upwards on Saturdays, based on the fact that it is the most common wedding date of the week.

  1. Don’t specify the event type

When calling for a quote. Periodically this can cause a markup if they know a wedding will be inhibiting the space. Just say “party” or “event”. (You will eventually have to tell them, obviously, this only applies for requesting the quote)

Choose an “out of the way” venue.

Yes, this requires travel for your guests. However, more often than not, some of the most private and beautiful venues are out of the way and can typically be referred to as hidden gems. Search around.

  1. Do not be afraid to haggle.

All though a lot of prices are set in stone. The worst they can say is no to a lower offer. Find a reason you should pay less, no matter how frivolous. If they say no, oh well. If they agree to your pitched price, you just saved money for speaking up.

Apply these tips to your wedding planning can save you a bundle. Worth looking into, right?