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13 Aug

Choosing the Best Wedding DJs in Kelowna

The second most important aspect of your special day, next to walking down the aisle, and saying “I do,” is choosing the best Kelowna wedding DJs to perform at your wedding receptions. There is a wide array of options to choose from when selecting the entertainment for your wedding day. To help ensure you find… View Article
11 Mar

Calgary Wedding Djs

Looking for the perfect DJ for your upcoming Calgary wedding, but feeling overwhelmed? Finding the right live entertainment for your wedding can be tiring and confusing. There are lots of options for live entertainment out there. At Airwaves, our difference is simple. We take all of the potential choices and put them through an intensive audition system… View Article
13 Dec

The Office Christmas Party Guide – Airwaves Music –

Office christmas parties can be a great time, if you go into it with the right mind set. Thinking of it as a new way to see co workers and talk about something other then business. Now when it comes to the host, their are some rules and regulations you should consider when hosting it…. View Article
12 Dec

The Complete Guide To Entertaining This Christmas

A lot of us this holiday season will be faced with the challenge that is entertaining at your residence. It can be a tall order depending on how many friends, family, co workers, or any others you’ll have attending. Its not so much a complete guide i’m about to write, as opposed to a crash… View Article