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21 Nov

Get It In Writing – Airwaves Calgary –

What it comes to wedding and event planning, their can be a lot to think about and remember. Dealing with suppliers over here, and contractors over there, it can be overwhelming. This can often lead to wires getting crossed and unnecessary head aches. Which brings me to the topic of this post…. Get everything in… View Article
20 Nov

Honeymoon Name Change – Airwaves Calgary –

Now that the wedding is all done, hopefully the thank you letters have been sent out and all the post marriage stress is behind you. Even though stress is a part of our every day lives and never really leaves… But now you have your sights set on your honey moon. You cant wait to… View Article
19 Nov

More Unique Wedding Transportation Ideas!

As i stated in the first article, the limousine is the cliche way to travel to your wedding. Their are plenty of options out there for the unconventional bride. They include: Horse and Carriage – The classic fairy tale wedding mode of transportation. This way of movement is available in most cities just by checking… View Article
18 Nov

Event Promotion – Airwaves Music Calgary –

Airwaves Music Calgary – Throwing a public event is a big task. Their are so many tasks you have to tackle to make sure its a success and to the pleasure of the incoming crowd. Which brings me to my next point…. making sure their is an incoming crowd. Using modern social networks and technology… View Article