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27 Nov

Setting Your Wedding Priorities – Airwaves Calgary –

Airwaves Music Calgary – You’ve just learned that your getting married and hopefully the proposal was everything you ever dreamed of. Now what? In order to get the ball rolling towards your big day you will need to get a handful of items started. You should immediately be saving once you’ve learned your big day… View Article
26 Nov

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner – Airwaves Calgary –

No one says you must hire a wedding planner. If you feel you have the time, energy and resources to do it yourself, then give it a shot. I have however, learned that it is an investment they would do over and over again. They have the experience and know how when it comes to… View Article
25 Nov

Wedding Map, Helpful And Fun – Airwaves Music Calgary –

Airwaves Music Calgary – By now most people have smart phones. iPhones, Androids, a few even with blackberries yet. We’ve all learned how to navigate google maps by now on them and have learned how easy it can be to where ever it is you’re going. For a Wedding or event though, you can save… View Article
22 Nov

The Wedding Ring – Airwaves Music Calgary –

The wedding ring is a physical object of you and your partners love. A lot of thought should go into what ring you choose for your partner. It is something that can and should be turned into a family Heirloom should you get it right. A great way to personalize the ring is the get… View Article