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30 Nov

Life Throws You Curveballs Sometimes.

We all are celebrating Movember. Cool mustaches that look badass to help raise money for cancer. We all hate cancer. Well today, I got a little scare of my own. So I just found out I have a 3.9×3.5×3.4cm tumour in my right testical. I found out today. What’s worse? I have to get it… View Article
7 Mar

What Makes a Good DJ?

If you are familiar with Airwaves, Music you know we book world class professional entertainers. We have Kelowna DJs, Kelowna Musicians and Vancouver DJs and Vancouver Musicians. We keep our teams small and we only work with those who have proven to us over a long period of time that they are extremely reliable, professional… View Article
3 Mar

iPod Vs. DJ- Answering the Hard Questions

So you are getting married and in your search, you have found Airwaves Music. You are looking for a Kelowna DJ or a Vancouver DJ or something in the surrounding areas. Your budget is tight and you have called around and you aren’t 100% sure if you should choose an ipod or a DJ. While… View Article
3 Mar

What Makes Airwaves Music Different?

There are plenty of musicians in the world and even more DJs. What makes Airwaves Music so unique isn’t just the high quality performers that we manage and book. It is the way we do business, our core values, our long term vision and what we do through our business that makes us truly unique…. View Article