Ronii Wata and Sunny Reid of Watasun are the new generation of DIY music artists. They have travelled from one side of Canada to the other with all their instruments and sound equipment in the car. At live shows it is not uncommon for them to be in charge of the P.A. and overall sound of the room. They even record their own albums along with the artwork, mixing, and mastering.

Five years have flown by since this duo met at recording school in Ontario. Since that time they have relocated from their hometowns in southern Ontario to the west coast of Vancouver, B.C. The two members have recorded many albums along the way, some for themselves and other times they work independently as music producers. The name comes from “Water” and “Sun”, two elements that work off each other to give life. They havenʼt always been a duo and they can switch into a full band for live performances and recording if it calls for it. There is no doubt that this two piece does come in handy for some of the more exclusive events. The energy and sound that comes from this compact yet charming setup is remarkable and memorable to all those spectating the performance.

To hear samples of Watasun please visit this link to download audio clips:

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