Sean Metcalfe

DJ Sean Metcalfe is a Vancouver Wedding DJ known for playing the best in Top 40, classic rock, motown, country, jazz and blues.  However, don’t be surprised when he throws in the Electro, House, Indie and Hip Hop to spice things up!  DJ Sean Metcalfe has played many different styles of events but specializes in weddings and corporate events.

With years of professional experience, and MANY more years producing and editing music as a hobby, DJ Sean Metcalfe definitely brings the passion and know-how for any event. As a firefighter by day and DJ by night, professionalism, great service and quality are three things you can count on with Sean!


“Sean’s a firefighter and all of our brides seem to like that! On a serious note, he’s also an amazing DJ. He knows what to play and when to play it and his professional background is exactly what you’d hope for, a nice mix of weddings, corporate and clubs. Sean loves music and he’s someone you can count on. It’s a nice added bonus that if he does actually set the dance floor on fire, he’s also going to be able to put it out…. Just saying!”

– Bob Graham, Owner, Airwaves Music


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