Radio Lifeline

“Radio Lifeline plays a variety of music to suit any events demographic. They bring an energetic performance with a male and female lead singer. This element brings a diversity to material they can do; Country, Rock, Classic Rock and Pop music. This band has played over 700 shows in 8 years all over B.C. Radio Lifeline uses top gear and light show to create a special and quality show that your customers will be sure to enjoy.

The members are all professional musicians. Paddy Jervis played drums in “Who‟s on bass” and they received steady air play in Kelowna. Also opening up for “april wine” “kim michtell” and “the odds”. Scott McFadden the guitar player also plays in “blunt” and is featured as Angus in the “High Voltage” AC/DC tribute band. Shane Paul the bass player also plays in “High Voltage” which has opened for “54-40‟ & “Nazareth” as well as headlined “The Boogie Bash” and other large events. Angie Paul is a singer songwriter from Vancouver whose original band has opened for “Age of Electric”, “Damn the Diva” and “Trooper” playing in venue such as “town pump” & “the commodore.”

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