Ozzy Ozmunds

“Turn up the rock, turn down the suck.” The Ozzy Ozmunds are a rockin’ four-piece band hailing from Kelowna who do a variety of cool, rocking song *remakes* from artists like Duran Duran, The Eagles, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond, et al. They also play a selection of fun rockska- punk covers from bands such as Foo Fighters, Weezer, Incubus and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The Ozzy Ozmunds band line-up:

  • Shane “Stone Cold” Austin
  • Eric “The Viking” Rehlinger
  • Ryan “Coke” Mackay
  • Steve “O” Merlo

Shane is the “veteran” of the band, coming straight outta E-ville Hellberta. He has a long pedigree, playing a versatile range of styles from reggae, to punk, to progressive rock. Moving The Ozzy Ozmunds to Kelowna was his crazy idea, and if you buy him a shot of tequila, he just might divulge the entire story for ya. Steve is the appointed prez for The Ozzy Ozmunds. With a boatload of charisma and an impressive vocal range, he’s guaranteed to impress the guys with his rockin’ and the ladies with his looks.

Eric isn’t called “The Viking” for nothing. He’s gigged and toured with metal legend Thor and local Kelowna metal legends Severed Serenity. If you are looking for the dude who can “unleash the metal” this is your cat. He powers the rock solid rhythm section of The Ozzy Ozmunds, with style, finesse and endless grooves. People think that bass players are meant to sit in the background quietly and support—Ryan doesn’t exactly agree. With a killer assault of riffs, grooves and melodic lines, Ryan will prove that bassists belong in the front. Ryan’s favourite colour is red and his favourite drink is rye (go figure, eh?).

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