Johnny Vs Johnny

Johnny Vs. Johnny are one of the most entertaining two man acts in the Okanagan Valley. Their guitar and vocal talents are impressive but even more so is their ability to get the crowd dancing and partying the night away. John Vestrinen is an elementary school teacher by day but a passionate music lover and performer by night. John Paul Byrne is the owner of Okanagan Life Magazine-a popular magazine in the Okanagan Valley and also a highly skilled composer and entertainer. They have performed countless concerts at restaurants, wineries, corporate parties and weddings.

The most exciting thing about Johnny Vs. Johnny is their diversity in musical taste. Their set list is huge and they have the ability to play anything from 70s rock to current songs like Jack Johnson and Adele. As well, they can keep the musical vibe to a light background undertone or crank it right up into a full blown party. Truly unique and skilled, Johnny Vs. Johnny are in high-demand within the Okanagan Valley and would be a perfect selection for any event, large or small. They have built a reputation in the valley as being one of the best and Airwaves Music is exteremly proud to have them on board our team.

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