Jimmy LeGuilloux

Jim’s C.D. titled “SONGS THAT I LOVE” features his history of recordings from present day back to the “80’s. “Birthday suit” Universal juveniles was added to Power104 and is receiving airplay. Jim’s song “Kaisha”, (1995) is in gold rotation and gets played almost every day! It has been heard worldwide as far away as New zealand and Australia.

Playing music goes without question for Jim. He has played shows internationally, in the U.S., New Zealand and the U.K. while remaining content to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that the Okanagan has to offer. When asked about his most memorable experiences, he speaks fondly of his former bands and most notably “Who’s on Bass?” and their trips to Vegas. Jim can be found playing clubs in the Kelowna area and says his favorites are the ski resorts in winter and Houseboats and Outdoor festivals in the summer.He enjoys playing cover music and says it keeps his musical edge happening while recording and writing songs.

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