Insane Dholis

Insane Dholis is a Dhol playing group formed by DJ, radio host and professional Dhol player, Deep Sahni.

From a young age Deep felt a connection with the Dhol, he loved the way it mesmerized everyone around it and made them smile.

Since he first heard the sound of a Dhol Deep knew it was for him. He grew up with a Dhol in his hand and decided at a young age that since entertaining was his passion, and he was going to make it his life.

Today Deep hosts the Morning show on RJ 1200, interviewing many of his cultures idols and stars, and continues to teach Insane Dholis and play at many weddings and events solo and with his group.

His self taught group Insane Dholis performs at many events around Vancouver and shares the same passion for the Dhol as their teacher and founder Deep.

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