Dustin Hogan

Dustin Hogan is a rare breed among DJs and producers. Originally a self-made entrepreneur from Calgary, several years ago Dustin found himself in Vancouver chasing his true passion-music. Leaving his lucrative landscaping business behind to pursue his dreams of music took guts, passion and dedication. What I love so much about having someone like Dustin on our team at Airwaves is that he understands the importance of professionalism and organization. Performing at weddings and corporate events involves much more than simply DJing and what has set our company apart is all of the small details we plan around well in advance of the event. Dustin is one part businessman, one part DJ and an all around great guy. Hire him for your event now, because in a few years, he’ll be playing at the largest festivals in the world-I have no doubt in my mind about that!


Bob Graham-Founder-Airwaves Music


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