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Seena Vajed has been passionate about sharing music and performing as a DJ for over 7 years at a diverse variety of settings including: restaurants, cocktail parties, hall parties, school dances, pubs, clubs, concerts, sports events, fundraisers for charities, and dance music events he has organized independently with upwards of a 1000 attendees. He has resided within Kelowna for the past 5 years as a student at UBC Okanagan and is currently the associate vice-president of the events coordinator and president of the DJ Club on campus. He has performed at every major pub and club in the city from Sapphire night club, to the Roses waterfront pub, and Level nightclub.

His time living as a student has simultaneously given him the opportunity to develop extensive firsthand experience in events organization, coordination, and management. This experience has given him a broader perspective of the context and nature of events beyond solely performing as a DJ which has aided him in catering to the needs of guests at his events. In terms of his music collection, his greatest strengths are in (while not limited to) house, trap, electro, top 40 remixes, and top 40 music all with a unique twist that consistently appeals to universal demographics.

The most challenging performances he recalls having successfully faced numerous times are gigs at the Rose’s waterfront pub where he has performed independently for over 5 hours to a very diverse demographic of guests with age ranges from 18 to 50 years old of all ethnicities. This particular experience has given him the confidence to branch out and engage in a wider variety of events, for extended periods of time, and to broader demographics.

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