DJ Matt

Atlas (Matt) has been around music his entire life, so it is no surprise that he is no stranger behind the turntables. Beginning his DJ career 8 years ago in the bar and club circuit, his roots were all about blending, mashing up tracks, and reading the room to provide the right energy for the occasion. He began getting booked for music festivals, corporate events, radio events, and of course, weddings. Now with 250+ weddings under his belt in just a few years, he has achieved veteran status and was even the choice DJ for the entire Vancouver wedding fairs after party his second year in the city.

As a hybrid wedding/club DJ, Atlas has fine tuned his ability to mash up the classics we all love with the hits from today, live remix tracks into never-before-heard edits, and make you raise you hands in the air and sing anthems with your friends… all while making sure no one feels excluded (That means grandma will have a good time too!)


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