DJ Mark

Mark Dobinson also known as “DJ Dobbie” specializes in various Quick Mixing / Long Blending / Glam Slam & Video Mash up mixing styles. If you don’t know what that is, that’s okay, at first we didn’t either! DJ Mark is a specialist at blending a variety of music styles into one long, seamless night of dancing. Whether the genre is top 40, pop, rock, hip hop, funk, or anything else, Mark’s special skill is his ability to mix these songs together in ways you’d never expect but can’t help but notice. Mark’s talent speaks for itself and he has taken up DJ residencies at over 15 of Canada’s top nightclubs. When he isn’t DJing weddings, DJ Mark has been contracted by brands such as Budweiser, Playboy (Yep, we said it!) and Pepsi for bookings and has been requested by name to perform gigs in cities as far away as Las Vegas and Australia.


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