DJ Liam Biggs

Based in Victoria, BC, Liam Biggs has been involved in the music scene since his early teens, starting as a DJ doing small house parties.  This grew to include a interest in beat making and music engineering and production. Liam eventually decided to put out his own album and play a few shows.  After the cd started doing well, he decided to tour.  With no booking agent in sight, he began booking and promoting his own tours across western Canada.  Liam, being the only one on the small 2 week tours with any DJ experience, would often DJ an entire evening: before, after and everything in between each artist’s set as well as playing his own sets.  It was here he learned the most about crowds and how to reach the maximum amount of people at each venue.  Whether it be a country bar in Calgary, AB or a hip hop club in Vancouver, BC, there was one simple guideline he followed and learned, that being crowd reading, and understanding the feeling and vibe of the room.  After a few years doing small tours, Liam was approached by a management company from Detroit which he linked up with.  He then started touring longer, more frequently and on a larger scale.  He also began producing for other artists around the country from a music studio in Victoria, BC.  After a year of being on and off the road, he decided to take a bit of time off.  It was then he rediscovered his love for simply just playing music for people, so he picked up again where it all started and began DJing.
 After hearing and creating a wide variety of styles of music, his library of songs grew quickly in a wide range of genres. With strong playlists for every occasions he’s perfect for any event.
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