DJ Bird

You know that friend of yours who seems to know every song lyric, even if you only hum a couple of bars? That’s DJ Bird. For years, John, he has consistently been the guy at the party who knew all the new music, from all over the world. John knows the top 40 charts in the UK, the USA and Canada for every musical genre imaginable and he stays up to date on a weekly basis. When John asked to join our DJ team we felt honoured and lucky all at once. He’s extremely personable, talented and everything you could want in a DJ. Using a Traktor DJ controller, John has practiced and honed his craft to the point where he can seamlessly blend songs. He’s also great at reading crowds and has put on parties for everyone, from the top 40 crowd, to the oldies, to indie, right up to a full blown dance party at a wedding. He’s extremely accommodating and is one person you can always count on.

If you’re looking for reliability, professionalism and a DJ who will play the exact music you want to hear, MC your wedding, and accommodate you in every way possible, you won’t find a better fit anywhere than John Bird.


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