Chris Bitcon

Chris Bitcon is a local Kelowna DJ. Growing up, Chris was always immersed in music.

Naturally, Chris’ interest in music geared him towards DJing. His DJ career started with small house parties around Kelowna, progressing to larger school events as well as outdoor events. Most recently, his experience led him to work for Club 535 in Penticton and Earls on Top in Kelowna. He has also performed at countless weddings and corporate events and is quickly becoming known as one of the best all around DJs in the area. He has performed at Summerhill Winery, The Cove Lakeside Resort, Sparkling Hill Resort and many other popular wedding venues around the Okanagan Valley.

Chris has a good ear for a wide variety of music. He knows how to keep the dance floor busy all night and is excellent at reading the crowd. He has a passion for up­‐beat music and oldies classics. With Chris as your DJ, there is never a good excuse for anyone to be sitting while the music is playing!


“Chis Bitcon is the DJ I call on whenever  I need someone flexible. He has learned games, taken on MC duties and familiarized himself with traditional ethnic music, all on short notice. He isn’t your typical wedding or corporate DJ and that’s why he makes a great fit for Airwaves. He is very current and works frequently at night clubs, festivals and lounges. But don’t let that fool you. When it comes time for a wedding or a corporate event, Chris is among the best around. He is very friendly, accommodating and gets the dance floor going every time, no matter how diverse his audience. He plays for the crowd and is very easy and fun to get along with and that’s why he’s the perfect fit for our team.” – Bob Graham, Owner, Airwaves Music

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