Ari Neufeld

I live in the hills of the Okanagan… I make rhythm with my

feet… scoops and stomps on a little wooden box I found in my

grandfathers tool shed.I make melodies with my fingers and

tongue and teeth and lips.I play the guitar. I travel.

It’s a work in progress, but it is getting acclaim from the

strangest places. Famous people that have recently said cool

stuff about it include Riley Inge (Temptations), Tegan Quin

(Tegan & Sara), Wil (Minimnaugh), Andrew Smith, Damien

Rice, Gil Zsabo, Terry Kaiser, Rik Leaf, Bill Kennedy, Joel

Kroeker. It’s a cross between highly ambitious flailing live

one-man action, folk rock, contemplative swooning, and dark

lullabies, with a heavy seasoning of humour throughout.

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