Amy Cunningham

Amy has been writing and performing for as long as she can remember, and the love she has for what she does is evident in every performance. Opening for acts like Jeremy Fisher, Wil, and Craig Cardiff, she continues to hone her craft and write songs about life and change. ”There’s a hold that her voice has on people” says former band-mate Rachel McBride. “There’s something about its purity and soul that makes you want to listen and connect with her.”

In July, 2011 Amy released her first commercially available album To the Stars We’ll Return produced by talented the talented Corwin Fox. In December 2012, upon completion of a nine-month tour across North America, Japan, and Mexico, she released her second album In Between, leading to a current nomination for Vancouver Island Vocalist of the year in 2013.

More than anything, Amy loves to sing and share her passion for music. Having played hundreds of weddings and events, she’ll tailor any show to the needs of the crowd or atmosphere. Get in touch with her if you’d like a specific demo! She’d be happy to send some samples, and would love to play at your next event.

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