Alan Gara

Alan started Djing on two turntables in the 80’s playing high school dances, weddings, and parties.  These days he is the host of RandomTaxi on CFUV 101.9FM presenting the newest experimental, psychedelic, and progressive instrumental music every week.

Producing and creating original songs and mixes in ableton, as well as fill ins for other on air hosts has taken him through a journey into underground hip hop, techno, new pop music, reggae, all kinds of funk, glitch, electro,  industrial tribal, arab fusion as well as those classics from the past that you’ve forgotten how much you loved.  With a head start on the newest dance music, he knows the perfect way to mix in what ever you want to hear at your party or reception!  Alan has studied music production, and is always learning and playing.  He has done a year at Hippos Bar and Grill in Vancouver, as well as live stage lighting and sound.  If you are planning an event where your guests have varying tastes and you’re wondering how everyone will get along,  Alan knows where to take the night and get all your guests feeling good vibes.

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