Anniversaries and Birthdays

Let’s admit it, when people say the phrase “anniversaries and birthdays”, the first thought that often pops into our mind is grandma and grandpa blowing out a cake in a room full of sofas wrapped in plastic. Well we’re here to shake things up a bit! Anniversaries and Birthdays are some of the most amazing, special moments in our lives where we get together with our closest friends and family and we think that those times are worth celebrating! No matter what age you are tuning or what anniversary you are celebrating, why not blow the lid off your party and send it into rock star status? It’s never a bad time to throw an amazing, unforgettable party. Your family, friends and guests will love you for it and the best part is you are going to set a trend. We are here to basically guarantee you that if you take a risk and throw the best party ever, your friends are going to copy you and do the same thing themselves. It is going to be so much they won’t be able to help it. So let’s take a minute to think about what that party could look like and why it would be so much more epic than your standard birthday at a restaurant, or anniversary at auntie Sue’s house.

You’ve booked the rooftop bar at the new hotel in town and sent out a Facebook post to your 80 closest friends and family. But this isn’t just any Anniversary, this is your 20th and you want to do it up right. It’s 8 pm and guests begin to arrive at the venue. Patio lanterns line the sky above them while the bartender offers them beer, wine or spirits. The DJ in the corner is well dressed, classy but laid back and cool while he plays a mix of your favourite songs. Some are from when you first met, but some of the must are special songs you’ve just been feeling lately. There’s toasts, speeches, dancing, drinks, catching up with old friends and lots and lots of pictures. You wake up the next morning feeling tired but accomplished. Why didn’t you do that every year? And while the food, drinks and venue were amazing, the music was about you and your friends. It connected you to each other and brought back memories of nostalgia like only music can do. It set a mood of excitement and anticipation that lasted and built up all night (like only music can do). It made your heart beat and it made you laugh, smile and dance. It cost a little bit of money but in the scheme of things, it was worth it. Experiences are what make our lives interesting and that’s what we do at Airwaves. We connect you to each other with musical experiences. Take a shot and live the moment we just described. We’re willing to bet you write us after to tell us about your next party.