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We are so thrilled to announce our Vancouver Christmas Party/Cancer Fundraiser, happening this December 4, 2013 from 7-10pm at the Westin Grand on Robson. This event is being put on in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society who have graciously co-sponsored the event with us.

Tickets are $15 and all profit earned from the event will be donated to cancer research. You can purchase tickets here:

I myself had cancer a little over a year ago when I was 28 years old. It was the worst, scariest experience of my life and I vowed to use my business to do something for this cause and for the people suffering with cancer. Far too many amazing people have passed away from Cancer and I really believe in my heart that if we all worked together for a cure, there is a cure out there to be found.

I have had a lot of horrible experiences with cancer over the years as my Dad has it, and my grandpa passed away from it. I’ve also lost other friends and watched many other people suffer from the sadness that losing people from cancer brings. It’s a long, painful, terrible process that takes many amazing people from the world every year. I am a huge believer in doing business for a cause and I think that as an industry, we can really make a difference. At Airwaves, we plan to raise $50,000 this year by donating 100 gigs towards cancer research. You can read more about that initiative by clicking here.

Or, check out this video of me speaking about why I am so passionate about this event:

What This Event Is:

This party will be a night of fundraising and fun, to promote awareness about our 100 gigs for cancer initiative. It is also designed to be a huge Christmas Party for everyone in the Wedding and Events industry and our non-events colleagues, friends and family too. It’s a night to have a glass of wine, enjoy some appies and music and to promote a good cause. This event is sponsored by the Canadian Cancer Society. By working together as an industry, we can do far more good than we would be able to do individually. I strongly feel that through this initiative, it will be possible to easily raise upwards of $50,000 over the next year, if not far more. This event is about taking small steps collectively, and taking initiative. I’d love to see our entire industry become more involved in social causes like funding cancer research and that’s what this party is all about.

What This Event Is Not:

This event isn’t designed to compete with the amazing Van Wedding Meetups that occur regularly. Airwaves has put on a similar event to the Van Wedding Meetup in Kelowna since back in 2009 and made a conscious decision NOT to do that kind of party here out of respect for the promoters of the Van Wedding Meetup and all their hard work. Besides, their events are amazing and would be tough to beat! Instead, this is a Christmas Fundraising Party. Just by attending, your ticket will be donated to Cancer Research and you will help us promote our 100 Gigs For Cancer Initiative. We hope you can meet some new friends and reconnect with old ones too, but this event is really about banning together as an industry to combat cancer. We hope to inspire and motivate our friends in the business community to take small actions of their own towards a greater cause like we have. If we all do something small, the result will be HUGE

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you there!


Bob Graham






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