Christmas is a notable time for sitting on the couch and flicking through the TV, when its too cold outside and you stay in to stay warm. We often find the TV channels swarming with christmas movies and christmas specials. Their are a lot to choose from, but what are some of the best? A handful of these can now be found on the convenient site known as Netflix for the holiday season!

AirwavesWeddingDJ_HomealoneHome Alone 1 & 2 – One for the ages and for the whole family to boot. If you haven’t seen it i advise you do. I find this one on TV all the time and it doesn’t seem to loose it charm as i age. I don’t recommend the 3rd as its a lot newer and geared towards children. Great for the whole family!

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – One of Chevy Chases best. This one appeals more so to the older crowd but is generally very good. Definitely one the parents in the audience will remember.

Bad Santa – Darker and more crude humour. Hilarious none the less. Not one you should be showing your children, but great for those of you that are okay with a little bit of darker humour. A great seasonal film that really can be watched year round.

A Muppet Christmas Carol – The classic tale of scrooge. Jim Henson gives it a funny and Muppety twist. Great film for the whole family, especially if you are a fan of the muppets and Jim Henson’s work.

Elf – Great comedy, especially if you’re a fan of Will Ferrels work. This film is of the newer variety, but is quickly becoming a classic. I personally make a point of watching it every holiday season at some point.

Try these on for size. You really cant miss with any of them!