Wedding DJs & Wedding Reception DJ


Tips for Hiring an Awesome Wedding DJ

There is much to consider when finding a wedding DJ to perform at your wedding. To get the most out of your entertainer and ensure you guests have a memorable experience, Airwaves Music is pleased to offer the following tips and suggestions.

  1. Let your DJ know if you are planning a themed wedding.

Incorporating a theme as part of your wedding can make your special day unique. It is equally important to inform your DJ ahead of time. Oftentimes, most DJs are willing to get into various roles, such as retro, vintage, or steampunk, and play music from a specific time period or songs that best match your theme.

  1. Book your DJ as soon as possible.

Waiting until a few months before your wedding should be avoided if at all possible. The further in advance you can book a DJ the better it is for you because it provides you with a broader range of talent to choose from and typically allows you to get your first choice. Plus, if you sign a contract with the DJ, you can lock in your booking rate at current prices.

  1. Confirm any entertainment restrictions with your venue.

Certain venues may only work with specific performers or have insurance requirements. Knowing these ahead of time will help you in the selection process as you will be able to concentrate on those DJs that meet the venue’s entertainment guidelines.

  1. Be realistic about timing on the day of your wedding ceremony and reception.

The thing with weddings is they rarely ever run on schedule and delays should be expected. While working on your anticipated schedule, get your DJ involved and ask their advice on how to keep guests entertained throughout the reception. For instance, your photographer may want to take pictures immediately following the ceremony, leaving your guests waiting until you arrive to sit down to dinner. Enlisting the help of your DJ during these lulls will make periods of waiting go by much faster and keep everyone from growing impatient.

  1. Book your Wedding DJ through a reputable entertainment agency.

There are numerous benefits you gain when working with an entertainment agency. First, you are able to quickly communicate your needs and be presented with a that match your criteria. Next, it is easier to arrange times to meet the DJs, as well as see them perform. Furthermore, in case of an emergency, your agency has you covered and will often provide an alternate DJ, should your first-choice not be able to perform.

  1. Be aware of your DJ’s needs.

Your DJ may have driven an hour or two to get to your venue, then spent the next several hours hauling and setting up their equipment, performing sound tests, and verifying your playlists are ready to go. Providing a quiet place to relax and change, as well as food and refreshments during this time ensures they will be refreshed and ready to deliver an energetic and exciting performance for you and your guests.