Airwaves Music Wedding And Event DJs – When it comes to DJing, theirs a handful off alleys you can go down in terms of playing your library. You can go old school and spin vinyl, which is typically the most difficult and can come with a large price tag as you amass records. Theirs playing off of a USB flash drive, which is an item we mostly all have lying around somewhere in this day and age. Theirs CD’s as well, but thats slowly become increasingly rare and dead technology. Though their still are some that prefer to do it that way.

The new age has brought us a new visual way of mixing. We can now literally see the music’s wave form in terms of shape, colour and beat. Making DJing possible without headphones. The key players in this arena… Serato and Native Instruments new competition, Traktor. They both carry the same concept, so its really just a matter of preference and what you learned on as you started DJing.

Serato is the grandfather of the two. Its the one I learnt and the one I prefer. Most bars will have Serato standard on their sound system and set up.

Traktor is the new and hip guy on the block. A lot cheaper, but hard to switch to if you’ve already gotten into Serato.

The horizontal wave forms on Traktor aren’t to my liking cause Serato started with, and still retains vertical wave forms. In the end its a matter of personal preference. My train of thought is if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. Thats the motto I use to justify sticking with Serato. If you’re just starting out as a DJ, give both a shot. Have a feel for the two of them and see which one fits your style better. If you’re already using one, just stick with it if it works for you.

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