Bob Graham from Airwaves Music meets Richard Branson


It was bright and early, with a lineup around the block at 7am on a sunny Vancouver morning. But the early time and the lineup didn’t stop Airwaves Founder Bob Graham from meeting with his long time business hero, Richard Branson.

“I like Richard Branson because he is an innovator. He is also one of the greatest leaders in our world today and a huge inspiration. As a an entrepreneur, I am always reading his books so that we can make Airwaves even better. I want to create the best company I can possibly be and to do anything great, it never hurts to read up on the best in the world! But to meet him, that was truly amazing and I have to say it was quite inspiring to meet my greatest hero” said Bob.

After the press conference came a book signing and meet and greet with Richard. Bob, jokingly asked Richard to hold up an Airwaves card for the photo and here it is! He also wanted to keep the card, so we are hoping to do some Virgin Atlantic parties very soon!

Richard’s best piece of advice in our opinion? Your reputation is all you have in this world, so make sure you do a great job in whatever field you choose.

Thanks for the celebrity endorsement Richard!