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Find a great DJ in the South Okanagan

We often get inquiries from couples getting married in the South Okanagan and it seems that in the past few years, the area has really become a hotspot as a wedding destination, and Airwaves has been performing at many of these Penticton events. Each year, people from Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and the lower mainland seem to be heading to this part of the valley during the spring and summer months to get married. This blog article will go over some of the main reasons couples are choosing to have a Penticton wedding above Kelowna or Osoyoos.

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What is Penticton known for?

Thinking of having your wedding in Penticton? Here are 5 good reasons why you may want to do just that:

  • Penticton venues are often much more affordable than those in Kelowna. Venues like Barefoot Beach Resort or Penticton Lakeside Resort offer beautiful venues, catering and lakefront at 3/4 the price of other Okanagan Venues.
  • More affordable lodging. Your guests from out of town will definitely thank you for hosting your wedding in Penticton. The area offers a wide range of accommodations from hotel rooms, airbnb rentals, camping or even luxury yurts.
  • Quieter Beaches. Picture yourself getting married as the waves lap against the shore and the hot Okanagan sun shines down on you. Now picture that interrupted by an obnoxious speed boat blasting dub step at the loudest possible volume. Not cool. Penticton is much less likely to have these issues as the beaches are generally quieter with less foot traffic and boat traffic.
  • The wineries around Kelowna are definitely beautiful, but there are some hidden gems minutes within Penticton. Visiting the city now is like visiting Kelowna was 30 years ago. Orchards, cherry trees and sprawling, little-known wineries. If you’re looking for a bit more of an adventure Penticton definitely offers it.
  • Less people. Okay so we kind of cheated on this last one. We’re really just summing up the others. Whether you’re trying to save money, want a more intimate wedding, or simply want to feel the “old-Okanagan” Penticton does just that. Something about the city feels more rural, more secret and more authentically Okanagan in many ways. Kelowna is still beautiful but in the summer it becomes a much different place than when many out-of-towner’s first visit to plan their wedding. As well, Penticton has it’s own airport offering flights to and from both Calgaryand Vancouver. Airwaves has been working in the South Okanagan for the past 5 years and each wedding season we do dozens of weddings in the area. We have local rental partners and local, Penticton-based DJs in the area as well. Though Kelowna is our home, we definitely would encourage all brides and grooms to consider the South Okanagan as well. It offers a much different vibe, many unique and beautiful venues, some amazing service providers and affordable rates. If you do decide to get married in Kelowna or Osoyoos, Penticton should definitely still be on your list of places to visit next time you go back. You won’t be disappointed!