Mark Kotylak has been in the Vancouver music scene for a couple years now. Moving to Vancouver from Edmonton to pursue his education, his main focus outside of work is the production of electronic dance music. His musical influences and favorite artists include Empire of the Sun, The Bloody Beetroots and Crystal Castles. Although he has found rapid growth in the fan base of his music, his passion did not always lie in the production aspect, as he was an athlete for the majority of his life. Being a goaltender in hockey, he watched his career advance all the way to the major junior level and competed in the WHL. Once realizing his passion lied in music, he graduated in 2 years from The Art Institute of Vancouver in Professional Recording Arts.

Searching for a job within the industry he found him self combining his knowledge of music and his sense of technology with Airwaves Music. Now the Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator, he has an extensive knowledge of marketing through experience with his own music and has a keen eye for finding top performers. He looks forward to working with talented artists, and helping further their career, along with his, through exposure with Airwaves Music.