We all are celebrating Movember. Cool mustaches that look badass to help raise money for cancer. We all hate cancer. Well today, I got a little scare of my own.

So I just found out I have a 3.9×3.5×3.4cm tumour in my right testical. I found out today. What’s worse? I have to get it surgically removed. Not maybe, not possibly removed, but for SURE removed. That’s messed up. I never thought I would literally have to get my balls cut off (in this case it is just 1 ball, but still)….. What’s even worse is the thought of having cancer. I hope it is nothing. It’s scary sh*t. I can’t lie about that. In fact, at one point today, I really let it get to me in a serious way.

So, what has this made me realize? I love my company still. Worrying means nothing and is a waste of time. Music still means everything and I still want to work on my own music and support other people trying to work on theirs.

And that’s that. I’ll keep my blog updated with what happens next. There is a 95% recovery rate for people with testicular cancer so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Please keep your fingers crossed too. If you don’t mind, shoot up a quick prayer if you believe in god or buy me a shot and put out your positive energy for me if you don’t.

Oh and here is a picture of my beard.

That is me and my trying to be a “smart, pondering the meaning of life guy”. How’d I do?

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