Karma and Why It Matters

Today had me thinking a lot about Karma. We are busy putting together our roster of wedding DJs in Kamloops and it seems that everyone in the city knows each other in some way. It’s just like Kelowna, where I grew up. Everyone is connected and business is intertwined here with long standing relationships. I really like that approach to business and I always have. I think relationships in business are everything and that has me thinking a lot about karma.

Have you ever had to rely on the kindness and generosity of a stranger whom you’ve never met? Have you ever been in a situation where the decision made by an acquaintance has the ability to impact your life profoundly? Well recently, I have been in a couple of situations just like that. We are all connected and you just never know when someone you don’t expect will have power over your business and your future.

So what is karma? Sometimes I tease my girlfriend and 5 seconds later I trip and fall. But really, I think karma is much, much bigger than that and I think it applies to business a lot. Let’s say for a second that your only goal was to make as much money as possible as a business owner and you didn’t care about anyone. Now, obviously I am not like that, I do care about people and I believe in the golden rule. But let’s pretend for a moment that you are dealing with someone who doesn’t. Even still, karma is the best philosophy to run and grow your business because what you send out really does come back to you. I believe it even boils down to your attitude and your language. If you have a negative mindset or use negative, destructive language, those things will have a direct impact on your life as well. People want to help people that are positive, friendly and truly motivated to be good to others. So, in the same way, people can naturally, instinctually tell when others have negative, malicious intent.

We use the question “Do you believe in karma” when hiring DJs and often ask them to show examples of how the “Golden Rule” has impacted their lives. I think these little philosophical beliefs we hold (AKA our values) really build who we are. So when we hire, we look for those values that match with ours. When we think we have a fit, we dig a little bit deeper. Ever since I’ve been doing this there has been a profound result.

I hope this post makes you think a little bit more about how karma impacts your life and your business but also how it can lead to success in business in general. You never know when that annoying telemarketer on the phone will be getting married and remember your number. It happened to me, and I was lucky enough to be nice to that telemarketer. They remembered me believe it or not and now they hired our company. I think these tiny little things happen more often than not and if we are aware of them, we can respect the power that they hold over our lives. 1 little coincidence probably doesn’t matter, but I think your core values over 5 or 10 years can lead to hundreds of little coincidences that will ultimately determine you success or failure in business.

A little philosophical, but I think it’s true and worth saying!