Innovation: By Airwaves Music

A Vancouver Wedding DJ Company.

As a business owner, or company of any kind, it’s always really important to ask yourself, how are we innovating? The business school wording for this would be, what’s our competitive advantage-the thing that makes us different from everyone else out there? If you are a customer, this is a great thing to ask any potential company you are hiring. Try wording it as “what’s unique and interesting about you”? You will be surprised how many people might not know the answer.

I think for us at Airwaves we innovate in 3 ways. They are:

1) Service

2) Systems

3) Technology

I really believe in giving people a great experience and I always have. Sometimes at our weekly team meeting, our Operations Team tells me they are frustrated by performers who don’t sign contracts, answer their phone or emails or whom they have to continually chase. These types of problems are what I think of as good problems. To me, this is one of the main reasons why we exist, so that we can do all the leg work of interviewing, auditioning and coordinating with DJs and Musicians so that our clients don’t have to. There may be a lot that goes on behind the scenes, as with any business, but as long as the result is an amazing night for our client, then I’m happy. So working through every tiny issue that comes up year after year is a great way for us to innovate on our service. We learn from everything we do, meaning the longer we are around, the better we get. We track everything and create policies around it so that our customers have the best experiences possible. That’s really important to me.

The next thing I really believe any business should have are good systems. At Airwaves, I’ve always tried to run us like a big business would. I always thought, if a business class of MBA’s saw the behind-the-scenes of how we run our company, what would they think? That is why we have a CFO, even though we are a small company. We run everything cloud based and everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is run through our CRM. We give our customers a login to our CRM so that they can request songs online, plan their party online and submit a timeline. The end result is a more streamline process that hopefully wouldn’t change much if we did 100 gigs or 100,000. I think in a local business like DJing, running systems like that is quite innovative and forward thinking. It also makes the customers life easier and helps our team do a better job.

When it comes to technology, that is our newest area of innovation. We are creating custom software and apps for our DJs and customers alike to make their lives even easier. That system I was just telling you about? We improved it, made it simpler and faster and are going to have a one-of-a-kind solution that you can’t get anywhere else. So yes, we are a small, local company with only 5 locations in Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops and Calgary. Also, DJing has been around for a while so we aren’t inventing something brand new. But what makes me proud every single day is the way that our team changes the game in this industry, by providing excellent service, using world-class systems and re-funnelling that money into technology to make our online tools the best in the business.

I think if I was hiring something personal like a wedding DJ and I knew all that, I’d look at the company a little differently. I hope you do too now when it comes to Airwaves! We have a great team here and I think we are one of a kind, anywhere.