Bobby GrahamI recently had the pleasure of meeting over 100 musicians in the span of a month. Through the Battle in the East, a Pilsner sponsored weekly event we held in Vancouver, we had 18 bands perform every Saturday for the entire month of May. Meeting those guys and girls was really cool and really inspiring.

They just do what they do. They don’t do it for money, or for fame or to sound like another famous band. They just play music that sounds like who they are. The songs are about where they come from and the lifestyle they are apart of. To me, that’s what music is supposed to be about (well original music anyways). They are true musicians and their songs have grit. I can appreciate that and it was awesome to be apart of all of that.

As for me, I was pretty motivated. I grabbed the guitar and I’ve started writing. I also talked to the guys and we got the band back together. I feel pretty lucky to live a life where I work and live in the culture of music.

Check out the blog as I’m definitely gonna be posting some new songs soon!


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