Airwaves Music at Lake City Casino


I’ve been spending a lot of time in Kelowna lately, setting up the Airwaves Music DJ School. One of the best parts of my trips has been getting a chance to hang out with our DJs and personally attend the gigs. Most recently, I met up with DJ Les Darroux and DJ John Bird at Lake City Casino in Kelowna for their College Nights. I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Picture yourself in the casino, with people playing blackjack, electronic roulette and slot machines. Normally, it’s not the most upbeat, or social setting. Of course there’s the odd comment, some drinking and of course lots of gambling, but you wouldn’t really consider a Kelowna casino to be a great place to go to socialize. Well, when I went on college night, IT WAS! Any young people interested in casinos but think that they are old, dusty and anti-social has to see this!

DJ Les was playing old school hip hop like Notorious BIG and Gangsters’ Paradise and everyone was loving it. It was a really fun place to be as people were dancing, coming up to the DJ booth to high five Les and of course a lot of them were singing along. From my perspective, I was extremely surprised. I knew having a DJ would help the vibe of the casino but I had no idea it would make such a dramatic difference. The crowd was way different than I remembered too and I would definitely say at least 80% of the people there were in the “college” age group from 19-30.

Overall, it was a fun, friendly, good place to be and I really couldn’t think of a better place to be in Kelowna that night. This had it all, music, dancing, friends, meeting new people and even a little gambling. But the amazing part was, when Les put on specific songs, I watched people spend more money-a lot more. You could see when Kanye West came on, people changed from their $5 bets to the $10 or $20 bets and it got me to thinking. Music really sets a tone for the space you are in and influences your actions. If you go to the gym and listen to uplifting, positive, “Eye of the Tiger” style music, you’re probably going to run a little faster and lift a little harder. The same is true when you are gambling, shopping, partying, whatever. Music creates the mood and I am absolutely sure that our brains react directly to it.

The best part is, music only gives. It never takes away from people. If you look at the casino example, sure, people were gambling a little more when their song came on. But these weren’t the types of people who come in with gambling addictions or something like that. These are young adults, most of which would be spending the money on shots or clothes or something else anyways. By adding music to an activity like gambling, the casino created an experience of true value for them that was WELL worth it.

So, I have to say, I was quite impressed. DJ Les did an amazing job. Lake City Casino created a really cool, fun night for young adults in Kelowna that they wouldn’t have otherwise had and that’s something that Kelowna really needed. And the customers? Well they were all super friendly, happy people that were just out having a good time and that’s always great to see. It was all positive across the board and Im sure it brought in a nice return for the casino and most of the guests will be back time and time again.

I don’t know about you, but the right song definitely makes me more likely to take a small risk or two. Why not? It’s all in fun and you could win a little money too!

Check us out every Thursday in October at Lake City Casino in Kelowna. Don’t forget to use your Gamesense and play responsibly!