4 Sep

Meet Our Team-The People Behind The Scenes

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Meet Our Team-The People Behind The Scenes

By Bobby Graham

For a long time, I stopped doing these blogs and articles. I am lucky enough to have a few entrepreneurial mentors who have had a lot of success in business over the years. One day, one of them gave me the advice not to share my goals with anyone and not to attach my face or image to the company. For the past year, I’ve taken that advice. After testing it out, it’s really made me realize, I like being attached to Airwaves. Being a major part of the business I am in is what makes it worthwhile and meaningful to me. I want our customers to know who I am, I want the DJs and bands to know me and I really hope that I can share our successes and mistakes with anyone who might be interested. Basically, connecting with our customers and team members is what I really enjoy doing, so it’s impossible for me not to do that!

So, on that note, today is dedicated to the amazing people behind the scenes at Airwaves. If I am proud of one thing in my life right now, it is of the team we have built up here at Airwaves. We’re a small team, but I think it’s worth acknowledging everyone on board here that you may speak to if you book with us.

Dylan Basile is the Vice President at the company and handles Sales and the Management of our team and day to day business operations. If you call or email our main line, he is the person you will be speaking with. Dylan is a great guy and one of the most sincere people I’ve ever met. He’s travelled the globe and has also worked as a DJ himself so he definitely knows the ropes when it comes to understanding people and music.

Genessa Knight is our Operations Coordinator. She is also a Wedding and Event Planner with another great local company so we feel really lucky to have her on board. She facilitates all communication between our performers and clients. If you book with us, or work with us as a performer, Genessa will answer all your questions and concerns. Once you book with us, Genessa will be your go-to contact until your event is complete. She is one of the most organized, efficient, cool and collected people I have ever met.

Shayla Harrison is our Executive Assistant. While that means a lot of things depending on the day, Shayla basically keeps everything running for our online presence and helps the team if we need to make any urgent or last minute changes. You might never speak with Shayla, but you would definitely notice if she wasn’t there. Did we mention she’s a Wedding and Event Planner too? That’s how we roll at Airwaves!


Finally there’s me, Bob Graham. I’m a guitar-obsessed, musical entrepreneur who is continually striving to be the best at whatever I do in life. I’ve nearly died in a car accident and then the very next year, was diagnosed with and survived cancer. This all happened while running Airwaves and we never stopped growing, despite all of those situations and setbacks. I make mistakes sometimes, but I can guarantee you won’t meet anyone who believes in karma more than I do. I really care about doing things right and I hope that stems down into our entire company. I feel like that is the true value we offer. It seems so simple: We care more. In fact though, I’ve found that in life and in business, that is the only thing that truly ever matters or makes a difference in a service business. Caring about your customers and team members is EVERYTHING.

So when you call and book with Airwaves, that’s who you’re talking to and I’m proud to be able to write about it.

From here on out, this blog will be back to the original format. You’ll hear about our lives, goals we have and things we’re excited about. If you have a question or there is something we can help you with, just ask. We’re all here anytime, so feel free to get in touch.